Kodiak 'Koda' Moonwolf

Special guest

I’m Kodiak, though you can call me Koda!

I’m a techie and gamer at heart, love checking out tech and learning new things in the tech world. I’ve been gaming since I was a kid.

One of my earliest gaming memories is as a little kid, playing Bubble Bobble on the Nintendo Entertainment System with my cousin. I would always love to go out and visit him to play the game.

Nintendo has always been my main console system, from the NES, to the SNES and Gameboy, right up to the Switch. But at times I’ve owned most of the other platforms other than the Dreamcast and the original Xbox.

Gaming was always an escape from the world growing up, diving into adventures and imaging being a superhero. Now the gaming is still an escape to me as an adult (Yes including the pretending to be a superhero! Always been told I’m a big kid!), but I’m now able to share the adventures and make people smile at the same time by streaming too.

Even though I’m new to streaming, I look forward to making people smile and having a good time playing games solo or with my friends.
You can check out my twitch channel below or at the website button at the top of the page.

You can also follow me over on twitter at @kodiakmoonwolf

I want to end by thanking Bill for giving me the opportunity to work alongside him here on the site, I love being able to share my love of gaming with people.


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