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Spiritsphere DX Interview with @EendhoornGames

Spiritsphere 1

Can you talk about bringing the game to the Switch, What was easy or difficult about it?

The port was pretty straight forward, I run a pretty slow PC so the game was already quite optimized for that haha. The most difficult was definitely the hand2hand mode, since it's kind of a unique way to play there isn't any sort of built in support for it. I also had to redesign a seperate version of all the stages for this mode. But in the end it all worked out well!

All the characters feel distinct, and play really different. Did you have a hard time balancing the game so no one was too powerful compared to the others?

I had a good idea of the strength and weaknesses and how to balance them out to each other. I did have to buff and nerf some characters along the way, but in the end I think the game is quite balanced. The boss mode was the most difficult one, since 2 players are up against the boss, it was really hard to determine how powerful he should be.

Spiritsphere 2

Were there any features / mechanics you ended up cutting? If so what were they and why did you have to drop them?

I had to drop a lot of features for the original steam version. But all the things that were on my list made it into the SpiritSphereDX version :) A lot of the features were influenced by feedback from the steam users. The biggest complaint was that it was not possible to play with 3 players at all. So now you can play the boss mode, the ghost mode and regular versus matches with 3 players!

Is there DLC planned for the future?

I've been working on some free DLC, I just announced a new stage, the dojo stage! It's a circular stage, which I really wanted to give a try. It turned out really fun, so I decided to add it as free DLC. I'm working on 1 more thing that people have been requesting. I'll announce that one soon!

Spiritsphere 3

What's next?

After I'm done with the DLC I want to move forward to a new project. I already have 3 prototypes laying around, so I will have to pick one of those!

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