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Sony announce Fortnite cross play

You are not imagining it, and you've not fallen though a rift into an alternate dimension. Today Sony dropped a surprising tweet that made the internet gasp.

This is a bit of a shock as Sony have always been the one not to play ball with crossplay. Fortnite is a prime example of it, if you had linked your epic account to your PSN account, you were not able to link it to your Xbox or nintendo account (More on that below.)

As the blog post (here) mentions, this is a major change in policy for Sony Interactive Entertainment, but hopefully if this goes well, we may get this on other games.

Of course there are people on twitter saying the standard 'oh why this game, why not something like blah blah blah’ and to you I say, baby steps. For Sony to be looking at this and willing to consider it after something like 20 years of standing alone in the grand scheme of things, this is massive.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what comes of this, and will be following closely.

Having tested the system, I have been able to link my Epic account to my PSN account and have full access to everything across the platforms I've played on, including my copy of the PvE Save the World game. Also checked and still able to log into my account on my switch. So far, it looks like everything is possible now.

Epic have also just confirmed that they are working on two things specifically for players who created extra accounts to play on multiple consoles.

  1. Account-merging feature to combine battle royale purchases, coming in November
  2. Enabling unlinking a console from one Fortnite account, and relinking to another Fortnite account. Coming in a few days.

So Epic are proving the tools needed for people to merge and unlink, this is really good news for someone who may of played on the PS4 previously then had to create a second account to play on the Switch.

All of this news coming out less than a day before Season 6 in Battle Royale kicks off...this is a fantastic week for Fortnite players.
fortnite season 6

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