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Reggie discusses the Mario Movie.

Ever since the first Mario movie came out, people have been waiting for a good movie featuring Nintendo IP. Sure Bowser was in Wreck it Ralph, but if you're a Nintendo fan that probably wasn't enough. IGN recently interviewed Reggie Fils-Amie and he discussed the umcoming Mario film and other partnerships.

Mario Movie

''Certainly our focus from a Nintendo perspective as well as working with such an accomplished partner like Illumination is to make sure that what is created is something both fans will love as well as it will be a great introduction to folks who are not as familiar with the world of Mario.''

When asked about other partnerships that could happen.

''We see ourselves as making worldwide consumers smile through our intellectual property. Fundamentally, we do that four ways. We do it with mobile. We do it with our licensed relationships with other companies [like Kellog’s]…We have other entertainment, which is where we put Universal Studios and Illumination. Then we have our dedicated video game business.

This is a key part of our strategy. This is an area we are having a range of conversations. Just like we did for the other big two partnerships, when we have something to announce, we will.''

In addition to these quotes, the Nintendo of America president said movie ''conversations are ongoing'' and notes that Shigeru Miyamoto is ''actively involved''.

Overall he seems to be sticking to his talking points established by Mr. Furukawa recently after being voted in as the new President of Nintendo.

Source IGN Via GoNintendo

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