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Psyonix to Throw Rocket League Birthday Bash

Psyonix has mainly built it's business over the last 10 years, starting with their first original game, 2008's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars S.A.R.P.B.C. Since then, they've struck it big with its successor, Rocket League, in 2015. Both titles share a birthday this month, and there will be a special event to celebrate. The July event is called the Birthday Bash, and will be active July 9th to July 23rd.

Rocket League 3rd Birthday

There are two aspects to this event. One being a special map from S.A.R.P.B.C. which has different field dimensions, goals set in the field of play, and a slight change in ball psychics. Second, as with other seasonal events, during the Birthday Bash event you can earn a temporary in-game currency by playing online matches. This time around, balloons will be awarded to buy customizations for your car and player banner. You must use your balloons before the end of the event or they disappear.

This is big for a couple of reasons. Hardcore Rocket League fans have been asking for a new game mode for a while now, and bringing back the S.A.R.P.B.C. arena could fit the bill in the short term. It will certainly provide a different way to play for the new and casual players of Rocket League who may not have ever known S.A.R.P.B.C. existed. As a Switch player, however, I'm very excited to buy the Golden Balloons.

The Golden Balloons will contain items from the original 4 Champion Crates. These crates were phased out on all other platforms before Rocket League's Switch debut. While the other platforms have all the Champions Crate items they could ever need, Switch owners had no way to get them, since the crates no longer randomly drop. Given the higher trade
values for Switch items than other platforms, some of the most rare items opened during the limited time event could go for 100 keys (S100) or more and keep their value for months. Nothing could be better than some free lottery tickets.

It's great that we may get some classic items for the first time, but the event is only two weeks long. So hit the pitch everyone, you only have a short time to eat all the cake you want! "

-The Casual Cleric

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