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Flipping Death First Impressions

Flipping Death is an odd game for sure. If you never played Stick it to The Man from the developer Zoink you might not know what to expect. Thankfully I did play Stick it to the Man and gladly said yes when Bill asked me to review this little gem.
Just like its predecessor Flipping Death combines a unique setting, platforming, adventure gaming, odd art and visuals, and offbeat humor.

Flipping Death 1

Setting: You play as a young lady named Penny that has an interest in all things spooky, halloweeny, and macabre. After a series of unfortunate events you end up in the place of Death while he takes a long overdue vacation. Your main objective is to find out how to get back alive, by flipping back and forth between the land of the living and the land of the dead while helping ghosts clear up unfinished business. Also your body doesn’t seem to be where you left it...

Platforming: The platforming in this game isn’t a frantic jump fest or punishing when making a mistake. Instead it’s more of a slow, deliberate kind where you plan out how you will get from place to place. Penny can throw her scythe out and teleport to where it is giving herself a height boost while jumping or letting her hit platforms that are too far away. Possessing the living moves you to the land of the living and you can move around there allowing you to reach places you can’t reach in the land of the dead.

Flipping Death 2

Adventure: Classic adventure gaming has a home here as well. Instead of collecting items into your inventory to solve puzzles you possess the living to read their minds and move them around using their unique actions to move past obstacles. Maybe you’ll need the Dentist to use his drill on something, or maybe you’ll need the enthusiastic Jazz Man to blow his trumpet. The dialog between Penny and each person us unique and humorous. Each person has a different way of dealing with this new “inner voice” telling them to do things.

Art and Visuals: Just like in Stick it to The Man the visuals are very distinct. The world looks like cardboard cutouts of buildings, trees, cars, and people. The people are all very distinct looking with exaggerated features. When you are in the land of the dead the background is filled with spooky details like ghostly grasping hands and hills covered with eyes.

Flipping Death 3

Humor: The humor in this is a dry sort of humor. Penny is a little sarcastic and enjoys being ghostly. She teases bad people while possessing them and tries to have fun with her new abilities. Her interactions with the living and the dead while she tries to make sense of what’s going on are usually funny in some way. The way that Penny and each other character is voiced is great. It’s obvious that each person (or ghost) has its own personality even if you only talk to them one time.

I’m 3 chapters into this game and I’m really enjoying my time. If you enjoy puzzle-solving, odd humor, and platforming with an off-beat style then I think you’ll enjoy this too.

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