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78th Annual General Meeting

Kimishima - Furukawa

We finally have the full official translation from the 78th general meeting where Mr. Furukawa was sworn in as the new president of Nintendo. I won't repost the whole thing but there are a few takeaways which I found interesting or important.

78th Annual General Meeting Question 3

The comment about Labo not doing well isn't something that I had considered. Many games get snapped up right away, and have a long tail. Labo isn't starting with the huge bump, but can still have a very long tail. The idea that they are going to try selling it in other types of retailers is very interesting as well. I wonder where that might be.

78th Annual General Meeting Question 4

I feel like the person asking this question wasted it, Nintendo is obviously for cross play, we already see it in games on thier system. It's clear that this is just a SONY issue.

78th Annual General Meeting Question 7

The huge takeaway here comes from Mr. Tanaka, who says "we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week" Holy cow that's an amazing number, but I hope Nintendo learns from Steam and doesn't have an Icarus moment flying too close to the sun, that could very quickly turn the eShop into an impossible to navigate cesspool.

There is a lot more there, but I didn't want to go through everything. If you want to read the full report you can do so here.


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