Episode 278

Games that need to come back.

December 20th, 2018

22 mins 24 secs

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  • Nintendo and refunds. — Hi Bill, Minecraft on the Switch requires Nintendo Online service to play local multiplayer. Phoned Nintendo after two hours after purchase, got a refund So the family has gotten back into Minecraft but we wanted a bigger screen instead of a phone, and I thought the Switch would be perfect (in both docked and handheld). But I could not get local LAN multiplayer to work, after googling and googling it appeared it only works if you have the Online service (which doesn't make sense). I called Nintendo, the rep confirmed it, and explained the benefits of online, but I have a NES classic and don't have any multiplayer games (maybe I'll try smash). He saw the purchase time, explained that this is not something Nintendo normally does (he re-iterated that quite a bit). Asked if I wanted eshop credit or back to my credit card. The eshop one was easier for him so I did that and explained that I'll be buying Smash in a few weeks anyways. He loved Smash too and couldn't wait, we talked about our mains in the game and I got the refund. He was very pleasant, great customer service. Thanks for the podcast, I love it Unzaklu (Lee) Just to dig further, my wife got an Xbox account and we still couldn't connect so it wasn't that. We would love to buy this game on the switch but I don't want the online service, it has no value for me. And to enforce I have to have that to play local multiplayer seems not fair, considering the other platforms seem to work fine. But I might be doing it wrong, sadly, I doubt it. I was watching the segment you made on Nintendo's return policy. One time I made an accidental purchase on my Switch and called them and they gave me a full refund. It was awesome. I had quite a few people reach out and let me know that they have easily received refunds from Nintendo. I wonder if it's Nintendo's policy to say no we don't allow refunds, but then allow them if the customer takes the time to ask.
  • STARLINK : BATTLE FOR ATLAS FREE UPDATE TRAILER - YouTube — New Enemies, missions and Photomode (Free)
  • What games do you want to see resurrected.

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