Episode 272

24 hours remain, Smash, NES, Fortnite

December 6th, 2018

31 mins 12 secs

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  • Nintendo of Europe on Twitter: "Ninja Gaiden, Wario's Woods and ADVENTURES OF LOLO are coming to #NintendoSwitchOnline – Nintendo Entertainment System on 12/12! #NES… https://t.co/mNgrCvKOnf"
  • More details on Pokémon GO’s Trainer Battles has been revealed | Nintendo Wire — Trainer Battles are in real time in Pokémon GO, a departure from the turn-by-turn format of battling in the main series Pokémon titles, that doesn’t mean they’re without strategy though. Like battling in Gyms and Raids, your Pokémon has access to their Fast and Charged Attacks, and Trainer Battles even introduce the ability to unlock an additional Charged Attack for use. Trainers will also have a limited-use Protect Shield to deploy in order to protect their Pokémon from critical harm, but timing will be key.
  • email from Connor — Hey Bill, Regarding my top requested fighters for DLC for Super Smash Bros, I've decided to make two lists. One with the 5 characters who I think realistically have a shot at becoming dlc newcomers and another with the 5 characters which ultimately have a 100% (Sarcasm) chance of being added. Nevertheless, as you said earlier it's still fun to try and guess which characters will be added, so here's my totally 100% accurate predictions. Realistic Top 5: 1. Steve from Minecraft. Microsoft and Nintendo have been pretty close this past year so I´m expecting a Microsoft rep to be joining the roster. I could see his moveset being largely based on use of swords and bows and his final smash could be him riding the ender dragon across the stage. 2. Rep from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Not much to say here as the game is not out yet but including someone from the new Fire Emblem would be great marketing for the game. 3. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. With kingdom hearts three right around the corner I could see Sora being confirmed as dlc at the something like the game awards. He would probably use his keyblade and magic for his attacks and maybe a Goofy and Donald Duck final smash? 4. Bandana Waddle Dee from Kirby. I feel like out of all the characters I except  Waddle Dee as the most likely of all of them. He would finally round out the Kirby crew and I could like to see his moveset largely based on his appearance in Kirby Star Allies. 5. Rep from Xenoblade. I can´t realistically see Rex and Prya being added after Rex was added as a Mii fighter costume but I feel like Nintendo is going to throw something from Xenoblade in. Unrealistic Top 5: 1. Joker from Persona 5. Persona 5 is a masterpiece of a video game and also one of my favorite games. I want Joker in smash because in the game he can have any persona he wants leading to huge potential for a moveset, his final smash could be all of his personas in one joined attack. Plus Persona 5 music in Smash Brothers. 2. Rex and Prya from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I want Rex and Prya in the game, I just do. 3. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Doubling up here so I won´t ramble on but I´ve played Kingdom Hearts right from the beginning and I would just love to see Sora in Smash.  4. Shantae. I think it´s unlikely because Shovel Knight is an Assist Trophy and I can´t see Shantae getting in a a fighter over Shovel Knight, but wouldn´t it be fun to see Shantea as a fighter? However I would be very happy if she makes it in. 5. Marx from Kirby. I used to think that Marx never had a chance but with his appearance in Star Allies, now I think he has a bit of a chance. He´s a bad boy of the Kirby series and smash has already added so many villains in this entry so, I would like to make a statement. Marx from Kirby is my most requested character to become a dlc fighter for smash. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Connor
  • Nintendo of America on Twitter: "#TheGameAwards are almost here! Make sure you tune in tomorrow night at 5:30pm PT to watch it all live before the launch of Super #SmashBrosUltimate! https://t.co/gZdCzcdHch… https://t.co/ecxAoRPudy"
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