Episode 258

Dissecting the Smash Direct

November 1st, 2018

41 mins 33 secs

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72 fighters until today!

Final new fighters I like how they went back to the poster a filled it in as they went.
Ken (Echo) His ultimate looks really cool (They disrespect Luigi by calling him a Mario Echo!)
Faster than Ryu
Incineroar (Pokemon?) Based on wrestling (lots of throws)
74 fighters (Start with Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu)

Paid DLC coming! This was kind of telegraphed because Mr. Furukawa said they wanted more DLC in their bigger titles 
    1 fighter 1 stage and music tracks ($5.99)
    Fighters pass
    5 fighters 5 stages and all music trakcs ($24.99) (I'll be buying it)
        Rex Mii Swordfighter

    Limited Time Offer for buying Smash Ultimate NOW
        Pirahnah Plant fighter?!!!
            For physical version register for gold points 
            Or pre-purchase the digital version 

We already knew about Wolf/Squidkid and Ridley Amiibo. Lauhcn

King K Rool, and Ice Climbers, Piranha Plant (15 Feb)

Isabelle, Pichu, Ken, Young Link, Daisy (2019)

Characters other than fighters?

Spirits! This is the adventure mode - feels like Gatcha???!?!
Power up your character in battle, kind of like Blades and drivers in Xenoblade
Spirits come in classes Novice > Advanced > Aces > Legends
You assign one spirit at a time (your spirits can get support spirits)

    Spirit battles to get spirits (PvE)

        Support Spirits help you avoid environmental damage 

    There is a weapon triangle

As if a game with a roster this big wasn't going to be hard enough to balance.
    Perhaps they did it to make it so people could balance weaknessess themselves?

Matchmaking is based on what rules you like, Smash Power (ranking) , Proximity

Online battles

Elite Smash - Smash tags (collect for winning)

Spectator mode!  Will be running tournaments on twitch for this

Smash World (gameplay videos / Social media?)

You can turn off the music if you want!!!

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