Episode 253

Dark Souls Sounds, Star Link Missing, First looks and more

October 20th, 2018

38 mins 30 secs

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Episode Links

  • First Look at Nintendo Switch - YouTube
  • Darksouls Sound issues — Some sounds are missing for example pulling a sword out of an enemy. Email from Jose Otto: Hitting the home button pauses the game even easier than the sleep button
  • Nintendo Switch Stats — In the October Newsletter
  • Some Starlink Copies Bought From Best Buy Didn’t Include The Game, Players Say — “We’ve been made aware that a small amount of Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Packs have been shipped without a copy of the disc and/or cartridge included. We are currently investigating the scope of this issue and potential solutions.”
  • Wargroove delayed — Initially we were aiming for a late 2018 release, but we have recently decided to move the launch window to Q1 2019 to allow us to provide players with a really robust package when the big day comes! This week Tiy shared in the Wargroove Discord a breakdown of the game content so far:
  • Switch Switch-Up Game Enhancer for Nintendo Switch | GameStop — The Switch UP by Col lect ive Minds is a BREAKTHROUGH accessory for today's Swit ch gamer . Use your exist ing PS4 or PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360cont rollers r ight on your Nintendo Switch. Use Mods on the Nintendo Switch. Rupee & Ar row Generat ion as wel l as enhanced weapon modes in Zelda take the gr ind away and devastate enemies. BEAT the Bosses in Super Mari o Odyssey get you past any f rust rat ion and with Easy Mario Combos and the use of UNLIMITED Coin and Moon generat ion get the 100% you have been st riving for. Use your current controller on your Switch. XB1, PS4, even x360 and PS3 Controllers can be used. Operate your controller wired or wirelessly with built in Bluetooth. Built in Mods for Super Mario OdysseyTM Auto Boss Battle Auto Coin/Moon Generation Easy Combos & more Built in Mods for Zelda: Breath of the WildTM Rupee/Arrow Generation Enhanced Weapon Modes Horse Mods & more
  • Save Me Mr Tako Nintendo Switch - YouTube
  • Jackbox 5 Nintendo Switch First Look - YouTube
  • OPSEAT - Interview with CharlesTrippy - Twitch

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