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August 2nd, 2018

31 mins 11 secs

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  • Email from Chris — Hey RJS, first time long time, I wanted to write in about a conversation you brought up in Episode 217 regarding competitive gaming, the new Splatoon league, and Nintendo's historic lack of support. That Nintendo UK VS sounded like a bad production, and they need to improve that. I think their E3 Splatoon team is the level they should aim for. Also, I think you're 100% right that Nintendo is missing out by not making pro careers viable for Nintendo games. Having said that, I think we're all better off by Nintendo's lack of support in this area. By catering to a pro consumer, game developers necessarily must focus on appealing to the most toxic and obnoxious group of gamers. It's not a coincidence that Overwatch has a pro league and is also notorious for abuse experienced in the voice chat. It's also not a coincidence that the gender balance is way worse for Overwatch than for Splatoon. In conclusion, I hope that Nintendo continues to focus on gamers who play their games for fun rather than their livelihoods. Streamers like Ninja bring a lot of attention to games, but they already have a million other options to choose from. They also come with a huge amount of baggage that I'm more than happy to avoid. Sportsball sportsball I'ma hang up and lis'en, Chris  (@aggrocrog in the Discord where I mostly lurk)
  • Question from @Random_GamerGuy on Twitter — Hey there buddy! (Awesome show by the way). I do have a question for you, but not sure it’s a show worthy discussion. Do game developers prefer you buy their games physically or digitally? Or do they no care either way? If I where a developer I would feel more proud of my creation if there was more physical copies in the world than digital copies. This is just my opinion though. Thanks for reading, keep up the great shows! My Example I asked Jools Watsham from Atooi, and here is his response. "Yeah, that's an interesting question. I too love physical copies of my games, but from the business side we make more money from the digital sales when self-publishing. developers have to share the profits of physical releases with the publisher, and there are also the Cost Of Goods (COGs) that take away from profit. as a collector myself, I tend buy both digital and physical of a game. digital to play - easy access - and physical for my shelf. but, I realize this is rather extravagant and not everyone can afford such luxuries. "
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Bring The Crunch DLC Available Now On Switch - Nintendo Life
  • Sakurai on the topic of presentations, including Smash Bros. Ultimate's E3 reveal - Nintendo Everything — In Smash Bros. Ultimate’s case, the number of game elements directly correlated to the amount of information we had to share. A lot of work went into the game, so of course there were a mountain of things I’d liked to have shared, but in the end, I needed to be straightforward and trim off all the unnecessary tidbits. In reality, the number of hours that went into each individual fighter is immeasurable, so there’s a level of attachment to all of them. Even so, each character’s introduction was only but a few seconds! To that end, I considered what might be interesting to the viewer, and balanced things out.
  • Rumor: Dark Souls Remastered for Switch is Coming on 1st Oct According to an Email Sent by Amazon Italy - GamesTime - Video Game News, Game News
  • Nerd Nest Mario Tennis Aces Tournament - YouTube

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