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Hey all, I'm Bill, I love to talk about video games. I've been playing games since my mother used to take me to visit my grandmother at the bar she worked at (I know) and there was a Donkey Kong game there. From minute one I was hooked. I talk about all types of games, from retro classics to brand new hotness. I'm happy you decided to come by,Each week I take a deep dive into my favorite stories about Nintendo, from the latest indie release to rumors about Smash. If you're looking for Nintendo news look no farther. I try to wrap up the news three times a week in a show that I try to keep under 30 minutes.

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  • email from likejetski — Hey RJS, I’m a big fan of the show (I’ve emailed in the past with a review) and I’m wondering what you think of this idea. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that the New Super Mario Bros. games got kinda stale by the time of the wiiU iterations and they want Nintendo to mix things up with the 2D mario games again. I wasn’t sure how Nintendo would do that, but then I had this epiphany. Do you think Nintendo might incorporate cappy into the next 2D mario? I’m not sure whether it would be better to make it like Odyssey where the only real ability mario has is cappy (so no fireflowers or mushrooms but he can capture certain enemies) or to just add cappy to the list of traditional power ups. This just hit me as something that could really change up the gameplay of 2D mario games and since you’re my top source for switch news and info, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks and keep up the great work on the show, as well as with the reviews and first looks! Best wishes, -likejetski
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