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Hey all, I'm Bill, I love to talk about video games. I've been playing games since my mother used to take me to visit my grandmother at the bar she worked at (I know) and there was a Donkey Kong game there. From minute one I was hooked. I talk about all types of games, from retro classics to brand new hotness. I'm happy you decided to come by,Each week I take a deep dive into my favorite stories about Nintendo, from the latest indie release to rumors about Smash. If you're looking for Nintendo news look no farther. I try to wrap up the news three times a week in a show that I try to keep under 30 minutes.

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  • Some Walmart and Target stores selling LABO early. — They may not have jumped the gun as quickly as Target did, but Walmart has Nintendo Labo out on store shelves as well. As proof above, you can see that some locations are indeed open to selling the kits before the street date. If you can't wait a couple more days, head out to Walmart and try your luck!
  • (4) Nintendo Labo: build and code your own instruments - YouTube — Nintendo Labo is a new DIY accessory kit for the Switch that’s so much more than just cardboard. The software comes with a programming platform called Toy-Con Garage, which lets you code and remix features to create new ways to play. Using the platform, Dami Lee tries to code guitar chords
  • After six months, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp adds randomised loot boxes • Eurogamer.net — Nintendo has added randomised loot box-style gacha payments to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's a massive change for the free-to-play smartphone spin-off, which up until now has only asked for money for a handful of specific items or to speed up normal gameplay.
  • Rumour: Pokémon Switch's Release Date Could Be As Early As November This Year - Nintendo Life
  • KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch — 4/26
  • NISA Online Store Disgaea 1 Complete - Rosen Queen's Finest Edition (Nintendo Switch™)
  • PSA: Our game The Way Remastered is coming tomorrow and has a game-breaking bug! : NintendoSwitch — Hi people of reddit. Tomorrow The Way Remastered hits eShop and it has a game-breaking bug. After about 2h of playing, during second boss fight, the game might crash and erase your whole save data. The patch for the issue (and a couple others) is already submitted to Nintendo and should be live soon. We're really sorry, but that's the best we can do. If you like the game, consider waiting for the patch to fix the issue. We thought about delaying the release date, but after speaking with Nintendo, we've decided that it would be worse, because so many people have already preordered the game. EDIT: After reading some comments I think this phrase needs a clarification. Actually, Nintendo said that it would be next to impossible to delay the release because of preorders. We didn't want to press them too much. However, if you already bought the game on pre-purchase (or don't want to wait for the patch and play it right away), you have to follow instructions below:
  • Battlezone Gold Edition Brings Glorious Tank Warfare To Switch This Summer - Nintendo Life — Back in the '80s, Battlezone on the Atari was a 3D tank shooter well ahead of its time, and we were delighted (and intensely jealous) to see it revived by Rebellion for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift last year. Well, we're no longer green with envy because Battlezone Gold Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer
  • Thanks for the review! — Very fun show to listen, especially for anyone who's a Nintendo fan or video game fan in general. Totally worth your time! - Pageiommi
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