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Hey all, I'm Bill, I love to talk about video games. I've been playing games since my mother used to take me to visit my grandmother at the bar she worked at (I know) and there was a Donkey Kong game there. From minute one I was hooked. I talk about all types of games, from retro classics to brand new hotness. I'm happy you decided to come by,Each week I take a deep dive into my favorite stories about Nintendo, from the latest indie release to rumors about Smash. If you're looking for Nintendo news look no farther. I try to wrap up the news three times a week in a show that I try to keep under 30 minutes.

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  • Super Chariot (Switch) First Look at European Demo on Nintendo Switch - Gameplay ITA - YouTube — I feel like I've seen this game before, it looks like a lot of fun, you' are dargging a chariot around. Looks like one of those games that will give you Nintendo Thumb
  • Sega Ages will bring classic games to the Nintendo Switch — Sega Ages (a compilation branding they have used previously) will bring over 15 classic Sega titles to the Nintendo eShop, with all-time classics Thunder Force IV, Sonic the Hedgehog and RPG Phantasy Star the three games currently announced. More games are to be unveiled in future reveals. I'm hoping for The Shining Force Games as well as Landstalker (Both of which I played on my SEGA Nomad.
  • Shenmue 1 & 2 Remaster is coming, but no mention of Switch — It is possible that SEGA are letting Nintendo announce it in a direct, but who knows.
  • Nintendo Files Patent for Screens Capable of Communicating | Digital Trends — on April 12, Nintendo’s latest patent application is for a game system with “a plurality of information processing apparatuses that are capable of communicating with each other.” These processing apparatuses are located inside stand-alone screens, and by touching two or more of them together, information can be relayed between them in order to produce new game experiences. Examples in the patent application show a finger being dragged from one screen to another without the system losing track of it, as well as a ball that seamless moves across the connection between the two. The screens don’t need to be necessarily making physical contact either, as one of the images shows a gap between the two with the ball still able to move from one to the next — perhaps more impressive is the ability to “bank” a ball off of the air so it approaches the second screen from a different angle. It appears one screen can even be angled upward in order to provide momentum for an object as it approaches the second screen, such as a bowling ball about to hit a set of pins. The connections aren’t limited to just two screens, with one image showing three screens connected to create a three-dimensional image.
  • Mega Drive Mini — I know its a Nintendo show, but I love retro games, and the MEGA Drive mini is coming. What games do you want to see on it?
  • Pirates: All Aboard For Nintendo Switch First Look - YouTube
  • Under-represented Genre's on the Switch.
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