Episode 166

Multiplayer Madness!

March 31st, 2018

38 mins 30 secs

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  • Nintendo Versus on Twitter: "It’s a sporty #Splatoon2 #Splatfest! Will you swing for the fences with #TeamBaseball or go for the goal with #TeamSoccer? First pitch (or kickoff?) is 4/6 at 9pm PT!… https://t.co/dBtOttHhdQ" — It’s a sporty #Splatoon2 #Splatfest! Will you swing for the fences with #TeamBaseball or go for the goal with #TeamSoccer? First pitch (or kickoff?) is 4/6 at 9pm PT!
  • Nintendo Versus UK on Twitter: "Gucci Gang may have won the #SplatoonEC but Team 4D and Team Mako won our hearts ♥️ https://t.co/QEhiQDikM6" — Gucci Gang I think from Germany won Splatoon 2 European championships. Nothing about this on the US version of the account @NintendoVS. Which I find annoying.
  • Off the Hook and Squid Sisters concert at Splatoon European Championship - YouTube
  • ARMS receives new eShop sale - Nintendo Everything — Along with that excitement, ARMS is now on sale via the North American Switch eShop. Starting today, the game can be purchased for 30% off. That means $41.99 (or $39.99 if you’re a My Nintendo member) as opposed to $59.99. You can save on ARMS until April 6 at 8:59 AM PT / 11:59 AM ET.
  • ARMS tournament today! — Attention fighters! Don't forget to to tune in this weekend on 3/31 at 10am PT to watch the #ARMS US & Canada Online Open finals!
  • Tournaments Update: Optimizations and Video Capture on Nintendo Switch | Rocket League® - Official Site — Next week's Tournaments Update is going to be one of our biggest ever, and Rocket League players on Nintendo Switch have a little something extra to look forward to! Once the update is live on April 3, Nintendo Switch players will have access to the new Video Quality graphics option. Specifically, after the update is installed and ready to roll, you will then be able to set Rocket League’s Video Quality to either the default ‘Performance’ setting, or the new ‘Quality’ setting. The Performance setting is what you’re used to seeing on Switch already: 60fps across the board with dynamic resolution. If you’re more into detail and less about those extra frames, enabling ‘Quality’ will cap the fps at 30 and lock the resolution at 1920x1080 (docked) or 1280x720 (handheld). Quality Mode also enables several graphics features automatically, including Lens Flares, Light Shafts, Dynamic Shadows and Depth of Field. Along with the new graphics options, we’re also bringing Video Capture to Rocket League on Switch! Video Capture works the same as capture in other supported titles you’re already playing on Switch: press and briefly hold the Capture button (below the D-pad) and the Switch will automatically save the last 30 seconds of gameplay. This means sharing clips of goals, saves, or three-in-a-row demolition hat tricks (my favorite) is easier than ever for our growing community on Switch. We’ll see you on April 3!
  • What can you play at Nintendo's PAX East Booth? — Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo) Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (Nintendo) Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Nintendo) (Public Playable Debut) Dark Souls Remastered (Bandai Namco Entertainment) (Public Playable Debut) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Bethesda Softworks) (Public Playable Debut) Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Grasshopper Manufacture) (Public Playable Debut) SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (NIS America) (Public Playable Debut) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Activision) (Public Playable Debut) Additionally, Nintendo will offer a selection of playable indie titles within the Nindie Arcade at the Nintendo booth. Playable Nindie Arcade titles include: Just Shapes & Beats (Berzerk Studio) (Public Playable Debut) Dead Cells (Motion Twin) (Public Playable Debut) The Messenger (Sabotage and Devolver Digital) (Public Playable Debut) Lumines Remastered (Enhance Games) (Public Playable Debut) Runner3 (Choice Provisions) West of Loathing (Asymmetric) (Public Playable Debut) Pool Panic (Adult Swim Games) Pode (Henchman & Goon) Garage (tinyBuild Games) (Public Playable Debut) Next Up Hero (Aspyr Media and Digital Continue)
  • Level-5 CEO: All future main titles to be released for Switch, Level-5 Vision 2018 set for fall - Gematsu — Asked how the company plans to support Switch in the future, Hino responded, “Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”
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