Nintendo Direct 3/8/18 Predictions

March 8th, 2018

30 mins 33 secs

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Nintendo Direct Predictions

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  • Email from iReallyShouldBeWorking! — Hey, RJS. Longtime Lurker, first time writing in. Love the show. Thank you for all you do. I love the Switch. I think the portability factor is perfect for indies, but many indies today are often $20 to $30 each. Here's an idea for your viewers with access to an Xbox One. Microsoft offers a 14 day free trial to Game Pass, and it offers access to many games, including several indies new to the Switch. I was able to join Game Pass on a free trial, and try out The Final Station and Rime, both games I'm interested in for Switch but was weary of paying $20 or $30 upfront without being sure I'd enjoy them. If you have an Xbox One, it's s a great opportunity to try before you buy. Thanks so much, iReallyShouldBeWorking!
  • Nintendo Direct Tonight 5pm US Eastern — My guesses. Mario Tennis, 3DS Metroid DLC, Diablo 3, Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart DLC, Mario Odyssey DLC, Fire Emblem Switch, Yoshi, Kirby, Nindies stuff, Wargroove, Shovel Knight, no mention of Online or VC I'll be co-streaming it.
  • Switch Sold Over 3,800,000 Units in Japan in its First Year — Triples the PS4's Debut Year
  • Minecraft Bedrock update has been submitted — Nintendo's certification process can take about a month, but sometimes sooner. This means that pretty soon you'll be able to play multiplayer with people on PC, Xbox, iOS, Android, and more. Which is pretty damn cool. WAKE UP SONY
  • CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch — CITYSLICKER CASE FOR NINTENDO SWITCH
  • Another World - Nintendo Switch Announcement Teaser Trailer - YouTube — You may know this game as Out of this World.
  • iTunes Reviews — I'd like to take a moment to thank Boojiboy1000, Warthog30, LawBeforeGrace, and Miguellica83 for thier 5 star reviews on iTunes. It really does help set the show apart, and helps the show grow.
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  • Email from Jeremy — Hey Bill, Amazing Nintendo direct in my opinion I feel like we got enough coverage before E3 and some great titles to play this summer but what about this month and April? Nothing really? not LABO or Kirby in your opinion what should I throw my wallet at in the next couple of months any indie games your looking forward too? Like always best podcast around. Thanks Jeremy in Portland.
  • Email from Jeremy S — I watched the Nintendo Direct, and am I the only one who wishes that the Luigi's Mansion remake had been a Switch release instead of 3DS? It would just be such a better looking and more fun game. Mario Tennis Aces looks amazing though. We definitely need a RJS online tournament. Jeremy S.

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